Saturday, December 06, 2014

   Not all of us might be familiar with the TUXEDO...relax,that is why we are here for you!

TUXEDOS, actually originated from the pattern and design of SUITS/BLAZERS; As we can see TUXEDOS have breast pocket,either single-buttoned,double-buttoned or triple-buttoned like most SUITS/BLAZERS,but amid all of these,there's a major difference between the TUXEDOS and SUITS/BLAZERS.

   And that major difference is that TUXEDOS are longer in body length than the SUITS/BLAZERS.
   From the title of this post,you can see ''TUXEDO 1'',this simply signifies that TUXEDOS can be worn for different occasions ,and particularly in different ways,but we will be looking at three dapper ways we can wear the TUXEDOS,so make sure you do not miss the next two posts on "TUXEDO 2"and ''TUXEDO 3''.
     Yeah...back to TUXEDO 1: CORPORATE TOUCH OF GLAMOUR; this form of TUXEDO is worn most especially with ties/caraverts. And you could also have this TUXEDO either as a leather,wool or plain TUXEDOS!

    TUXEDOS are worn for different occasions,but as for corporate TUXEDOS, it best makes a lasting fashion statement at Annual General Meetings,Winter Parties, Church services/meetings and Business gatherings.
     Go corporate on TUXEDOS...then you begin to have instant admirers!

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