Thursday, December 11, 2014

     Shorts are shortened version of trousers that were able to be worn during the  warmer weather in the summer.But it most likely reversed to be the opposite in this present day.Most people even wear shorts during the  cold season,because of how trendy it was.

     In this post,we will be talking about the CASUAL SHORTS which indirectly means that,these are the shorts that can be worn casually,or to casual events,but some people make the mistake of wearing a casual short to a corporate event and vice-versa...and since there is room for correction/consultancy,they will be made via this medium.

     CASUAL shorts goes mostly with casual shirts/tees or top in general,and maybe athletic tops,there is a reason for this,and its because there is a similar pattern in which they are being its best you go casual with a casual short and a casual top!

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