Friday, December 26, 2014

 Season greeting to yáll;I believe you having a wonderful time celebrating with   family and friends in this festive period.As fashion lovers, we should not leave out our great sense of fashion and style,but rather make it compliment the festive season.

  This festive season has two great colors, Red and White;And as fashionistas we could take a cue from the colors and create some good ideas which can be transformed into great fashion!
  Amid all the ideas, we will be talking about two ideas,the first is going to look casual,and we will be combining a casual tee (white/red/polka dot),muffler(red/white/polka dot),shorts(polka dot/red/white), and a pair of slippers or shoes

And secondly, the corporate way;combining a tuxedo(red/white),muffler(red/white),pant trouzer(red/white/black);You could also go all red or all white,depends on you!

Wishing you a merry christmas and a happy new yeear in advance!

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