Thursday, October 08, 2015

  We have come a long way into the unravelling of BURGUNDY, there have been many stations we pitched our tent, took wonderful and adventurous surveys, then finally came to a conclusion,  that BURGUNDY Apparels are just the right and needful addition to our wardrobe collection. If you missed any of adventures, these are the links below.

   Today is another opportunity for us to widen our horizon in respect to unravelling the Burgundy apparel. Lately, Formality has been the order of the day for distinct Fashionable Men; And for this cause, I will like to recommend to you a Burgundy three piece suit, which will step up your formality level real good.
   As I always said, Burgundy apparels have a unique feature that makes them stand out from all other colours. The same goes to the three piece suit, as the picture below confirms what the statement declared.

   Burgundy Three Piece Suits are not restricted to the office setting alone. It also goes smoothly with various functions like Dinner nights, Award nights, etc.
    Below are few tips to wearing a three piece suit.
Your three piece suit is meant to be well tailored and neatly ironed; At this point, some people falter as to wearing a three piece suit, when their outfit is not well tailored or rumpled when they wear it.

The Suit Vest of your three piece suit should be slightly below the waist line.

The Suit Vest of your three piece suit should be completely buttoned, while you might leave your Suit unbottoned for the formality look to be established.

      Since the style we are going with is on a formal note, we could slash down on formality by looking quite CASUAL simply by exempting the use of a neck tie with your three piece burgundy suit.

  You could add some sort of casuality to your Burgundy Three Piece Suit by wearing a pocket square with it.

  A LAPEL PIN aint a bad idea even with the formality trend.

      I hope and believe you had a nice time adding to your fashion knowledge on Burgundy Apparel. Kindly do well to still keep in touch with the blog as we round off with the Burgundy Apparels and move on to the next lesson. Do have an exceptional weekend ahead.

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