Thursday, January 22, 2015

  A lot of us are accustomed to the single-breasted suits,styling and wearing it to a comfortable and trendy way,but from the previous post,we can take a cue from the best dressed man in 2014(in person of EDDIE REDMAYNE);We will be looking at the double-breasted suits,how stylish they are, and the elegance it adds to your look.

  In Fashion,double-breasted suits are best known and refereed to as suits with wide,overlapping front flaps and two parallel columns of buttons or snaps; In most modern double-breasted suits,one column of buttons is decorative,while the other functional.

   We have the modern double breasted suits mostly in two ways;the ''4*2'' and ''6*2'',this only insinuates that it has 4/6 buttons(respectively) but only 2 are fastened.

 There is a button known as the Anchor button,this is the button that is fastened from the inside which anybody can't see apart from the costumer,and it is the main button that holds the two flaps of the suit together.

  Then you might ask,how do I go about wearing a double-breasted suit,dear fashionista,there are no big deals,you could just wear randomly as you please,
*if you want to go corporate,tis allowed

 * If you want to go casual,tis also cool

  Here are some other cool pictures you could take a cue from while looking elegant on double-breasted suits

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