Tuesday, January 13, 2015

   EDDIE REDMAYNE happened to be the best dressed man in the world in 2014,he's known for his meticulousity in singing,acting and style.

    From the effortless way he wears layers without looking stiff,to redefining the traditional color of a man's tuxedo,is no wonder he's modelled for BURBERRY, or that he topped GQ's 2014 Best-dressed Man List.
   With the  british star set to takeover this Red carpet season,we cant wait to see him suit up;Before then,here are six style lessons Redmayne has to teach all Men.
  (1) Double-breasted suit jackets are a DO when tailored to perfection. If you're a fan of this 80's style,a tailor can make it look more modern by fitting it to your body.

 (2) If you look good in velvet,wear it!; Make sure its clean,free of lint and tailored!

 (3) Blue is the new black. This shade may not be the first to gravitate you when shopping for a new Suit,but we recommend lightening up a bit, with navy blue or sapphire.

 (4) Invest in a wool Camel coat; It will elevate any outfit.

 (5) A well-spaced pocket square,perks up any Blazer.

 (6) Layer like a boss;You need not shop every season,layers keep you warm and looking cool.

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Source: huffingtonpost

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