Tuesday, January 27, 2015


We still taking cues from EDDIE REDMAYNE, and today, we will be looking at the velvet suit; Some folks mistaken the velvet suit for other names like 'suede'/'wool' suits just because they dont know the name of the suit;You need not worry,that's why we here for you,not only knowing the appropriate name,but also knowing how to look good in it.

  Most importantly,for a Velvet outfit to be addressed as a SUIT, it more or less means that both the suit and the pant/trouser must be velvet!

  The VELVET SUIT is such an endearing outfit that makes men look stunning and dapper anywhere their presence is being established; But before we can wear the VELVET SUIT and get great compliments,here are some hints and cues we can apply to keep our admirer's admiration on top gear.
  -Complimenting it with a neck-tie/bow tie

  -complimenting it without a neck-tie/bow tie

  -Complimenting it with a turtle-neck shirt

  -Complimenting it with a Waistcoat

  -Complimenting it with a muffler

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