Wednesday, February 04, 2015


The title of the post might have caught your fancy,that, how can blue be the new black? If you sitting,you need not sit tight or if you standing,you need not stand right,all you need is calm down and follow as I take you through unveiling the beauty blue suits give.Black suits are also fashionable,but the blue suit is surrounded with a quality that envelopes you with uniqueness and distinction that makes you stand out anywhere. It also highlights your presence at any event or show with ease.

  I believe it's getting interesting now,and you getting more awareness on the beauty blue suits give;Blue suits come in different types,mostly the plain blue, the sapphire blue and the navy-blue,etc.Mind you,all the above listed types of blue are all cool,but I will like to expatiate more on these particular types of blue suits.
 It looks like the common blue,but its got a special thing that distinguishes it from the others,and that is the brilliant sharpness in its color

this is a rare type of blue,that very few people make use of,maybe due to their ignorance of its uniqueness,but i bet you,you will duff your hat for sapphire blue suits,anytime any day.

This compliments every fashion statement you say or reveal,either with a shoe,neck-tie,bag,muffler or hat.

 Wear a blue suit,and appreciate the compliments you get from it.

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