Saturday, February 07, 2015

You might be troubled with this feeling:We not more in the Winter season,and the idea of wearing an Overcoat,should not be mentioned at this point in time;Yeah,you almost correct,but that's why its being specified to be a CAMEL OVERCOAT.This apparel is not only appreciated for its ability to keep you warm,but also for the cream and light color it besieges when being worn;which has got a characteristic with that of the camel's hair,that's the major reason its called a CAMEL OVERCOAT.

   From the research I had made on the CAMEL OVERCOATs,brands and models feature this great trend mostly on RUNWAYS,which makes it look like it can only be worn for ''very,very'' special events or occasions,but there is more to wearing a CAMEL OVERCOAT than all of those.
   CAMEL OVERCOATS, can be worn for day-to-day activities,like going to work,on a movie-set,a photo shoot,a date/outing,church,and invariably for dinners,awards/gala night,etc;So we will be looking at great ways in which you can wear a CAMEL OVERCOAT in a gorgeous and trendy way,and we should not forget that it blends and suits jeans,khaki,chinos,burgundy and suit/random pant trousers.
   The very first way we will be looking at is,your CAMEL on an already worn suit.

   Secondly,your CAMEL with a muffler.

   Thirdly,with a turtle-neck shirt.

   Fourthly, with a  flat cap/hat.

   With a corporate shirt(neck-tie).

    With a sweater/sweat shirt.

    With a tee-shirt.

   Complimenting it with a  satchel-bag,weekender-bag,etc.

 We also can wear it,as a double-breasted.


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