Friday, December 18, 2015

 Happy Weekend to you all, I believe you've been having a nice time during this festive season, as many folks out there have been. Today's post will be used as an avenue to say a very big thank you to y’all that have been keeping up with the blog, and most especially for your patience while we adventurously went through the unravelling of BURGUNDY. (N.B If you new to the blog and didn’t go with us while we unravelled the mystery of BURGUNDY, you could look back "BURGUNDY SERIES" at our past posts and delight yourself in them).
        I am pretty sure most us are glad we went through, and are excited that we have finally come to the end of the series on Burgundy. To be candid with you, I really appreciate all the personal conversations some of us had with me in sharing your views and opinions on Burgundy apparel; Also with all due respect, I say an heart-felt Thank you to those of us that secretly messaged me on: “when will we bring BURGUNDY to an end?” I appreciate you all.

   Well, today being a bright New day and also my younger brother's birthday; I will say I dedicate this particular post to all of us celebrating one event/anniversary or the other, and generally to all the celebrants of this month. We at Simi peters’ blog are saying and wishing you a Vibrant Birthday celebration, Happy Anniversary and Happy New Year in Advance.

  An Old Chapter in our Mens’ Fashion Online Consultancy, had been closed in the previous post; Thus, bringing about a unique opening for a brand new Chapter and Topic of Discussion. Our Topic of Discussion for today, and subsequent posts will be viewed on a very interactive session note. And like I hinted in the previous post, the New Chapter will be opened on the topic; DETAILING in Mens’ Fashion. In this post and subsequent posts, our major drive will be on DIY (Do It Yourself) Mens’ Fashion, where we will learn some new ideas of getting styled and acquiring more admirers on a slight but super mode.

      Due to the Consultancy approach we always take, a dictionary meaning of DETAIL will come first, so as to give us a formal idea of what we will be talking about, before administering it to our day-to-day Fashion Lifestyle. Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary explains DETAILING: to be an act or process: of adding small decorative parts to a building, automobile, piece of clothing, etc. Am sure, at this point, many things be going through our mind as to what next will be our area of concentration. We need not bother the depth of our thoughts, cause DETAILING in Mens’ Fashion is very wide, and like I earlier said, It will be a DIY interactive session which has various branches, we will all consider.

      DETAILING from my perspective, has to do more with your IMAGINATION and CREATIVITY, and to put it in a more simplified term; It evolves around 'THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX' for a better look. At this junction, I suppose that the Fashion designers/stylist should pay more attention to this, cause this will majorly put your collections on an higher demand during the next Fashion Shows. In DETAILING, your IMAGINATION comes first, because without IMAGINATION, there cannot be CREATIVITY. Imagination can be substituted with INSPIRATION, but in the same vein, they both converge at the point of spicing and boosting your CREATIVITY level.

      IMAGINATION/INSPIRATION, is somewhat of a pictorial view of a particular style you want to create/recreate. And for this reason we will take a brief insight on recreating the typical look of a collar shirt. Most collar shirts are of the same material, like we can see below, but a random IMAGINATION could launch you into using another piece/colour of material for the pocket or collar, so as to make it look out of the status-quo. I do hope we got that brief illustration, as we see why CREATIVITY compliments or packages your IMAGINATION.

       Most people believe CREATIVITY is not in-built in everybody, but I go against it cause FASHION ENTHUSIASTS, are known for CREATIVITY. It all depends on how best you decode your INSPIRATION/IMAGINATION and make good use of it. Taking another illustration, We see a typical Casual shirt from a Clothier, the shirt could be left plain in a very bespoke manner, but an outside the box designer/stylist could simply cut out another colour/material of another apparel, then sew/combine it horizontally or vertically as he might wish, so as to give it a better sense of professionalism and CREATIVITY, like what we have below.

      I am glad that, have been able to pass a message across to us, as to put some live in our day-to-day Fashion Lifestyle, especially for the designers/stylists simply by thinking outside the box in designing apparels for ourselves and clients, either to get more compliments or to increase the demand of our collections. But more goes into it, cause this is just a brief INTRODUCTION into DETAILING in Mens Fashion. Kindly keep up with the blog, as we go deeper into the TOPIC of DISCUSSION, cause there a whole more that will interest YOU.
Kindly do well to leave a comment for us, and if you are a Fashion designer, that would love to work with us on this particular topic of discussion, you could simply contact us on our mail address :
 Thanks once again, and make sure you keep an eye on the blog for more on DETAILING.

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