Saturday, January 09, 2016


    Here's a continuation on the subject matter: DETAILING IN MEN'S FASHION, but before we proceed, I will like to give a quick reminder of what detailing in Men's Fashion is, so as to equip our new friends with the idea we had in mind in the last post. Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary explains DETAILING: to be an act or process; of adding small decorative parts to a building, automobile, piece of clothing, etc; But DETAILING from my perspective, has to do more with your IMAGINATION and CREATIVITY, and to put it in a more simplified term; It evolves around 'THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX' for a better look.

       Today's post, will be a step higher than the last, as we build a castle: DETAILING IN MEN'S FASHION, on an acronymical foundation.(I beg your pardon for getting a little bit logical, instead of practical as I promised,but i bet you, its all for our good!). The acronymical foundation for DETAILING IN MENS FASHION, goes thus:
                Exceptionally well
                To get
                Love with your PERSONALITY.

     Am too sure a whole lot of us want to get admirers in love with our personalities via the look we put on, in our day to day activities; Nevertheless, our looks won't be worth their admiration, if we do not go into proper detailing for quality admiration. I gave a brief description in the last post, of two different illustrations for Detailing in Men's Fashion, but am sure that didnt give us too much satisfaction, cause there is more to detailing than those aforementioned.

     Being a Men's Fashion analyst, who's worked with INVASION L'AFRIQUE; I had come up with some ideas we cant afford to put down, only on paper/note pads, but necessarily create/recreate into our styles, for better improvement in the Men's Fashion Industry, as to what detailing entails.
     I would like us to fasten our seat belts, as we go a little bit in-depth into the course of today's post. Detailing in Men's Fashion, can be categorized into TWO. In Men's Fashion, you either detail a PARTICULAR APPAREL (e.g: shirt,trouzer,blazer,suit-piece,etc), or you detail a complete OUTFIT (e.g: an ensemble/combination of a shirt/trouzer/blazer,etc). I assume we beginning to see a light in supposed dark tunnel of DETAILING IN MEN'S FASHION.

     Appreciatedly, some Men's fashion stylists/designers have begun to buy into the idea of either of the categories stated above; And for that, i think a systematic approach to the categories, will be best for our personal or cliente's dapper fashion life.

     Thanks so much for your time in going through this post, and i believe you got something new; Try to make it a date, by keeping up with the blog in a forthnight, as we discuss the systematic approach for DETAILING IN MEN'S FASHION.

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