Tuesday, December 01, 2015

  Happy New Month to you all. Sorry I had to take an unusual break from the blog...its all about school stuff, you know the higher you go, the tougher it becomes, but am quite on a long/short break, thus giving me the opportunity to be more frequent than ever, so lets try as much as possible to keep up with the blog so as to catch up on the latest in Mens Fashion. I know many of us would have thought that we will move on to another topic of discussion; But I plead your consent in making us take the last post on the Burgundy apparel, I promise you will enjoy it, and if you missed any of the other burgundy posts, you look up on them later.

      A whole lot of people have caught the fever of looking dapper this days with one form of burgundy or the other, (I guess you noticed that also). And this made me go dust off my acclaimed oversize Burgundy blazer, which now fits perfectly well into me (pictures will be up soon), so as not to be left out in the frenzy of the burgundy fever.
     Todays subject matter will take a new shape, as we will diversify a little into looking at other shades of burgundy Blazers after considering the basic types and style that suits us satiably. BURGUNDY BLAZERS are not new to you I guess, as we could figure out the fact that it is a blazer, but in a burgundy colour. Like I always said, Burgundy is a very unique colour that brightens up any lively/dull outfit, and thats one of the reasons why we considered it on the blog.

      Blazers are known to mostly be for casual outings and events, but your Burgundy Blazer could speak a great volume for you in taking you out of the status-quo of ordinary blazers. And I believe your quest in attaining that could be answered with a Burgundy Blazer. All you have to do is to keep following me, as we look through different styles that could make a perfect mix and match for your unique personality.

    I think we should start from the nicest styles, although all styles are cool but preference differs.
 Here comes the regular mix and match most fashionable men get along with easily for events that evolve around modelling,Awards/gala night, Wedding ceremonies, etc.

 This somewhat of a rather corporate look, but offends nobody if tried out as a casual look, in fact it could we well cooked up to beat down any other look.

  Actually this word DETAILING might sound surprising to you, but you will soon be cleared off on it, cause after this whole burgundy stuff, we will be looking next at DETAILING as a whole new discussion, so get prepared to get enlightenend. Detailing is all about having a bit of a different colour of an accessory, piece of material, button, etc on an outfit.(am sure,you would love to detail your outfits very soon).

   Here your presence doesnt need to be announced when you are in a corporate gathering,cause your Burgundy Blazer alreaddy spoke on your behalf. Nevertheless, this particular blazer is a flexible one that aligns with any weather, thus assuring you of comfortability in any occasion.

   Has a casual look been your problem when going out for shopping?
   A BURGUNDY BLAZER could be an option.
  Has a not too casual look being an issue while checking out on an old time friend?
  Try out a BURGUNDY BLAZER and thank me later for adding more admirers to your list.

You could let me have your opinion about Burgundy Blazers on the comment box.

Photo credit: Google images

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