Saturday, August 29, 2015

  Suspenders are a great deal of fashion accessories,that gives and highlights an oufit(especially a burgundy),no matter the occasion you find yourself in.Recently,I was in a church,but not to my suprise,rather some sort of excitement,the preacher had on a cool and well patterned SUSPENDERS that matched and complimented his outfit perfectly well,and all I could say was a thumbs up(dont forget,the message did help too),maybe in time passt,I thought suspenders were for work,meetings,galas,dinners,red carpets,etc,but with the inclusion of what I said above,the suspenders aint a  BIASED fashion accessory,as it has no restriction to occasions,rather,its got permission into every FUNCTION.

     However,we are never loosing our focus,as all of those,were a brief intro,as we get into the talk of the day.Burgundy suspenders are primarily like every other suspenders,save the uniqueness and simplicity.
    Burgundy suspenders,like all other suspenders are into different categories
    X-type; Just like the name implies,the shape formed,at the back is an X-shape;Moreover,this suspender type has a bit of flexibility coming with it,cause it has no junction,thus making you extend it to whichever position that suits you most.

    Y-type; Almost the same as the former,except from the shape formed at the back,and most importantly the presence of a junction,that splits the front straps into two,thus making it more convenient for the folks with broader shoulders or longer trunk,save the adjustable at the end of the suspenders.

 Clip-on :have sharp teeth that grip the pant material,which are sometimes called alligator clips.Unfortunately,this clip grips the waistband of the pant,leading to the material being damaged over time,though it is quicker and faster to put on.

 Button-up: these are more comfortable,formal and fashionable9some folks do not believe it is fashionable) than clip-on suspenders.This helps to give a firmer grip on your pants,cause of the several buttons attached to the suspenders,consisting of 2 buttons at each strap end,thus making an X-shaped have 8 buttons and a Y-shaped 6.

 Convertible: These are combinations of both clip-ons and button-ons,so its all up to your choice of either putting on a clip -on or a button-on.It is also known as multipurpose suspenders.
We also have BURGUNDY SUSPENDERS in extra slim forms,as we can see them below.

    I believe,we have gotten a comprehensive knowledge of burgundy suspenders,why not go out there,keep your keep your admirers on suspense,as you take on your BURGUNDY SUSPENDERS.
Do have a great weekend ahead.

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