Friday, August 07, 2015


 Hello everyone,How has been your week? Hope you did not forget to include a burgundy apparel(either shirt or trouser) in any of your outfits this week...and am sure,those of us that did,got one or two compliments,as regards the outfit,majorly cause of the BURGUNDY *winks*.
   I said earlier on that,the BURGUNDY is a great adventure that doesnt end until,every nook and cranny is unravelled(Yeah,I mean what I said,cause we not going to leave any form of burgundy apparel out);And in doing so,we will escalate from the BURGUNDY TROUSER (CASUAL) to the (CORPORATE).I know some of us must have anticipated a post on BURGUNDY TROUSER(CORPORATE),here it is! My apologies to those that are new to the blog,kindly do well to go through the previous posts on BURGUNDY so as to have a full knowledge of what we have been unravelling.

   Corporate trousers are mostly regarded to as TROUSERS,not PANTS;In North America and Australia pants is the general category term, whereas trousers (sometimes slacks in Australia and the United States) often refer more specifically to tailor garments with a waistband, belt-loops, and a fly-front. So informal elastic-waist knitted garments would be called pants, but not trousers (or slacks).
Various people in the fashion industry use the words trouser or pant instead of trousers or pants. This is nonstandard usage. The words "trousers" and "pants" are pluralia tantum, nouns that generally only appear in plural form—much like the words "scissors" and "tongs". However, the singular form is used in some compound words, such as trouser-leg, trouser-press and trouser-bottoms.

    The BURGUNDY TROUSER(CORPORATE), as introduced above has no form of informality or casual look...but if you can remember what I mentioned in the last post,concerning the features of your outfit determining  the category of complete wear it falls in,you will agree with me that,a CORPORATE BURGUNDY TROUSER,being a feature in a complete corporate wear must not have any form of informality.
    Here are few ways to look dapper with your CORPORATE BURGUNDY TROUSER;







I will really appreciate your comments on the post and sharing any idea you want us to talk about,so as to serve you better.

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