Tuesday, January 06, 2015


We will be rounding off on winter fashion for the main time with this post,its been a great time going though winter fashion,i believe we got some great and new ideas on how to look classy despite the winter,but we all know that winter fashion cant be complete without talking about the OVERCOAT.

  The OVERCOAT is an apparel that some people mistaken for tuxedos,myself had also mistakened it for tuxedos at some point,the major difference between the OVERCOAT and tuxedo is the texture and material; Most OVERCOATS are of a soft/mild texture/material,unlike the tuxedos,excluding the leather OVERCOATS.

   OVERCOATS are worn different ways:
 -with mufflers

 -with ties

 -with corporate shirts

 -with casual shirts/sweat shirts...

  This is a frequent question most people ask...

The standard OVERCOAT should be as long as almost reaching your knee

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