Friday, January 02, 2015

How do you feel looking trendy and classy no matter the weather/season?...It doesnt require much reasoning or stress,but sheer understanding;All you need to do is understand the weather/season and make your outfit blend and suit the weather/season.

   As we speak,a lot of countries are in the cold/winter/harmattan season; And the headwarmer is an essential fashion accessory that keeps and shields you away from cold.

   There are no special or particular ways of wearing a head warmer,but you could add class to it by the following way:
  * Tuxedo/Jackets/pullover
  * Accompanying it with your muffler
  * Making it match your hand gloves (if you putting one on!)

N.B: Headwarmers only go with tuxedos,jackets,and pullovers, but doesnt go with Suit/Blazers.

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