Saturday, February 13, 2016

     Detailing in Mens Fashion,can be looked at in two different approaches. Firstly;Detailing a particular apparel,and Secondly,detailing the whole outfit.
The PREVIOUS POST was on Detailing a particular apparel(shirt,trouser,blazer,etc);But today's post will emphatically be on detailing a whole outfit(am sure most of us have anticipated this approach of detailing).

    I doubt if any of us will have a difficulty in distinguishing between an outfit and a particular clothe or apparel.An outfit is an ensemble of two or more apparels,making it a single but sequential piece of admiration.Single clothes or apparels seldomly get admirations, but a well detailed outfit takes you from the level of cognizance into relentless admiration. 

   Most Fashion lovers have regarded this approach of detailing(a whole outfit) as sometimes complex,not knowing how to go about it, in giving it a smooth and perfect mix/match.If you new to the blog,we earlier described DETAILING as an act or process: of adding small decorative parts to a building, automobile, piece of clothing,etc for highlighting and admiration.DETAILING;And that's  majorly why there must be a smooth and  perfect blend/match of the various detailing elements you are bringing together,to make a single outfit.

    Below are few but cogent cues that should be considered in detailing a whole outfit.
*Have a mental/pictorial preview of how you want the outfit to be detailed;Here is the first and major step to getting that perfect blend for your outfit. This step is invaluable to bespoke and meticulous stylists,designers,etc, cause it clears all ambiguities and imperfections,as it makes it easy for you to sequentially move into the other step.

*The first step discussed above will take you into putting down you pictorial preview in paper as a form of sketch,making it easy for you to pay quality attention to every detailing idea you want to evoke on your outfit.

*Purchase or acquire your detailing elements;in this step,a critical scrutiny is given to your choice of color(bright,dull,moderate,etc) and material(wool,cotton,polyester etc),cause here comes the major work of blending in a smooth and perfect way.

*After following the above steps,then you can actualize your detailed outfit by rocking it in a dapper and sartorial manner.
 More OUTFIT detailed looks from pro bespoke designers

 photo credit: TI Nathan look book
                       Mc Meka look book
                       Jasonposhe look book
                       google images.

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