Friday, September 04, 2015

  Someone out there,is like,when are we going to end the unravelling of BURGUNDY apparels...and am like very soon,Yeah very SOON!Right now,we have got to the mid-section of unravelling BURGUNDY,and I will like to take a break for some reasons,before we continue with the rest of BURGUNDY apparels and likely end them in the next few weeks from now.
    Most times,in an academic setting,after taking classes for some weeks,an assessment is being conducted to see how well,the students have understood the classes taken.We are going to have a brief assessment of all we have been talking about,do not be scared,its going to be a simple and an exciting one,click on the link below. Assessment link. Kindly take part in the assessment and get a surprise package,for the best three participants(you could be one the lucky three!)

    Back to the continuity of unravelling the BURGUNDY, we will be considering another apparel,knowns as the SUIT VESTS,or better still known as WAIST COATS.It is going to be a little bit short,but filled with more practicals,which you can try out at your leisure time.
   SUIT VESTS, are sets of very important wears,that cant be left out when looking very corporate,on the other hand,and it can also be incorporated into looking very CASUAL.They are tailored into something,some folks see to be an armless version of a suit/blazer,but to me,it is more than that,cause it has got the features of detailed simplicity and comfortability(comfortability in the sense that it is lighter in weight than the SUIT/BLAZER).
    Like i said earlier,the we will be doing more of practically seeing the BURGUNDY SUIT VESTs in different styles.
      Here,a BURGUNDY SUIT VEST is worn under compulsion,to complete a three-piece suit.You can wear it stylishly in different forms,most especially by wearing it without a tie,but with a dark colour shirt.

      Here,a BURGUNDY SUIT VEST serves as a compliment,by wearing it on another suit vest,most preferably a dull colour,so as to allow the BURGUNDY SUIT VEST,get the greater attention of your admirers.

    This is done most time,by some folks,but sometimes it gets bad cause,they dont wear it appropriately.The most appropriate way to combine this,is to opt for a checkered,tweeded or wooled BLAZER,with a lighter colour,so as not to outshine the SUIT VEST.

    This is a very simple way of wearing a BURGUNDY SUIT VEST,it evolves around being casual most time.

This could simply be done with either of the neck ties,we learnt about in the last two posts. burgundy neck ties.


   Thanks so much for your time,in going through the post,do have a wonderful weekend ahead.
   If  you havnt taken the brief assessment stated above,heres another opportunity to get assessed,and stand the chance of being one of the best three participants,that gets a surprise package.  assessment link.

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