Friday, August 21, 2015


 NECKTIES are sets of primary wears in a corporate and formal fashion ideology which sets a benchmark on any outfit,giving your admirers a sense of formality when addressing or complimenting you.Most Men cannot do without a neck tie,at least 60% of the week long especially in the corporate world,thus making it an important wear that as to be distinctively chosen and worn as regards the event/occasion we find ourselves in.

   Nevertheless,we are not putting away our primary FOCUS,which is the BURGUNDY,as I will be taking you through a detailed and concise breakdown of burgundy neckties in an hermetical sphere of BURGUNDY apparels.
    Varieties are not a new thing in any fashion wear,as burgundy neckties also depict a sense of variety.Todays variety journey will be from unknown to known as to wow you into an atmosphere of excitation,which will spur you,into getting one of the varieties of the BURGUNDY NECKTIES,as soon as you are through with reading this post *winks*.

    is a narrow neckband with pointed wings,traditionally made of patterned silk;This wide formal tie,is usually patterned,folded over,and fastened with a stick pin or tie tack.It is mostly reserved for wears with morning dress,for formal daytime wedding.It could BEST be described as the perfect NECK TIE for a daytime wedding.

    is a comfy bowtie or necktie which is permanently tied,and worn by attaching it to the front of the shirt collar by a clip.Alternatelyespecially in the case of bow ties,the tie may have a band around the neck fastened with a hook and eye.

   is most times an already knotted tie which has a very slim elastic band at the circumference in which the tie is placed on the throat regions for easy wearing of the tie.It is almost like a clip-on,but is has no clip,rather a slimmer part of the tie.

  is a type of bowtie,that has quite a flappy,but firm FAT edge like that of a loop,but has a very slim ribbon inbetween the two edged loop.This tie is a modern tie mostly worn for dinners,galas,and prom.

   is a neckband,which is the forerunner of the modern tailored necktie and bowtie.It is almost like that of an ascot tie,but has in absentiality a stick pin or tie tack.

    is a type of necktie that conssists of a moderately medium sized ribbon of a fabric,tied around the collar in a distinct symmetrical manner,such that the two opposite ends,form a loop.

  is a long piece of cloth worn for attractive and mostly formal purposes around the neck,resting under the shirt collar and knotted at the throat region.

   is the slimmer version of neckties,that stands out mostly when worn as a unique colour like the BURGUNDY.
    I hope have been able to shed more light on BURGUNDY ties as I earlier mentioned;But I have a brief assignment for you.
 Do me a favour by wearing a burgundy tie or better still,any BURGUNDY APPAREL(those mentioned,and yet to be mentioned on the blog) this upcoming week,and send me a picture of it as a mail:simipeterss@gmail.com,or tag me on Instagram : @Simi_peters ,Tweet at me on twitter: @simi_peters,as I will give you an instant shout out .Do have a great WEEKEND.

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