Sunday, December 14, 2014

These are very nice set of shirts that are worn,with quite some iota of ignorance,that they are FLANNEL SHIRTS;Most people consider them to be checkered shirts,double-stripped(vertical/horizontal) shirts,and some people even mistaken them to be denims.

   The FLANNEL SHIRTS come in different textures mainly, PLAIN and WOOL TEXTURES.All of the textures are comfortable depending on who is wearing them.And it could be short sleeved/long sleeved,but most flannel shirts are long sleeved.

    From the title of the post (FLANNEL SHIRT: CORPORATE), we will be talking about the corporate flannel shirts. Talking about flannel shirt:corporate,doesn't necessarily mean you need a tie or one of those formal accessories,it simply means looking cozy not comfy!

   Here are the different ways of wearing your flannel shirt in a corporate way:
*You could either tuck it in or fly it,
*Buttoning/Unbuttoning your uppermost button,and
*Maybe rolling up the sleeves.

N.B:FLANNELS are best worn on jeans(blue/black).

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