Wednesday, December 17, 2014

   Ditto to the previous post on FLANNEL SHIRTS ,these are great shirts,spanning from corporates to casuals.

   CASUAL FLANNEL shirts are just simple shirts worn in a casual way,they have no specialty or major difference from that of the corporate;But there is only one unique thing about the casual flannels,which is: It has to be worn buttoned down on either a round neck or V-neck tee!

   Most people make the mistake of wearing a FLANNEL in the casual way, which simply narrows down on their choice of a round/V neck tee;Here are some important things to consider,in your choice of a tee:
   *It must not have the same pattern with the flannel shirt,rather it could be a plain or print tee.
   *The color must not be the same with that of the flannel shirt.
   *The color must not be darker than the color of the flannel shirt.
   *It must not be short in length compared to the flannel,it could either be the same length with the flannel or        slightly shorter the flannel,but well below your waist.

N.B: The Tee must not be longer than your flannel,or you rather tuck it in.
   Try to keep up with these steps and see how gorgeous your your look becomes!

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