Thursday, December 18, 2014

Living rooms are no longer the space specified for welcoming guests only. Living rooms are now becoming so much multipurpose and considered the strongest focal point in the whole house because they are mostly connected to dinning rooms and kitchens in contemporary houses.
Furnishing and accessorizing your living room is not a hard task as it seems to be. There are some essential factors that you should follow if you intend to furnish and accessorize your living room by yourself.
You probably want to start from scratch. First, determine your focal point of the room, whether it will be LED TV with a home theater system which is the most popular choice in the contemporary living rooms or a framed art work that can be purchased from art galleries or a painted mural that can be glued on the wall or hand painted on the wall or a even more modern idea which is large frameless divided pictures they are mostly divided into three parts of the same picture. This is a very practical decorative idea that can be very much appealing and it saves the effort of having to choose a matching frame for your desired art work or even a wall sized window .
After you've decided on your favored focal point, the next step is to place your biggest piece of furniture such as a sofa to face that focal point. Then, build around it with smaller pieces of furniture like love seats and coffee tables. Make sure to make each piece of your furniture slightly spaced away from the other. Don’t forget to make a space for at least two entry/exit points .
Keep in mind that lights play an important role in making the desired comforting ambiance. Yellow lights are most suitable for living rooms . Pendant lights are a modern and stylish idea for lighting as well. Be careful not to get your room cluttered and stuffed up with furniture pieces and decorative objects even if you want to use all the pieces you like to furnish and accessorize your living room.
Make sure that your living room can seat up to eight people comfortably.

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