Tuesday, December 23, 2014

   This goes specifically for the working class and students that are compelled to dress corporately for classes.

   Some people see the tie to be a very minor fashion accessory,thus,almost completely looking down on paying good attention to it.

   Neck ties,generally add elegance to your outfit;So we will be looking at ways to look at your best,when putting on a neck tie.

-Know how to knot your neck tie very well(very important)

-Know the type of neck tie you want to wear on a shirt(patterned shirt and patterned neck tie do not go together)

-Your neck tie should not go beyond your belt/waist level.

-Make sure the slimmer part of your neck tie is not longer than the fatter part,otherwise tuck it into your shirt/trouser.

N.B: Your neck tie should not be unnecessarily short!

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