BELTS:putting the right belt on!

Monday, December 08, 2014

Belts speak more class and gorgeousness than you can ever imagine,but most of us neglect the fact that it complements our dressing; You can imagine,after being well dressed,nice haircut and everything,then you belt just messes you up,or your belt is going well with the rest of your outfit.

   Some people make costly mistakes in their choice of belts,but here are the major tips in selecting,and wearing gorgeous belts.

*Know the kind of outfit you wearing the belt on,either a corporate or a asual
N.B:you cannot wear a corporate belt on a casual outfit,and vice-versa
*Know the kind of occasion you are wearing the belt to,a dinner,party,gala nite,etc.
*Know if you want a large-headed,medium-headed or small-headed type of belt.
*Finally,the colour you want,flashy/bright colours aint bad ideas,but it must go well with the rest of your outfit...

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