Thursday, March 26, 2015


Research as made it known that Young folks(teenagers/young adults/adults) have been linked with the messenger bag,being their trademark for quite some time now.You may ask 'a trademark in what way'?;A trademark in the context that it is very popular among them and tis the bag most of them are seen with.From the brief introduction centred upon the subject matter of this post,we can decipher that,there must be a reason behind the messenger bag being tagged as a trademark bag for young folks,and on this note was the title of the post culled from; MESSENGER BAG:A UNIQUE MULTIPURPOSE BAG.

   Before i go into details about thhe bag,lets have a n overview knowledge and a brief description of the MESSENGER BAG.The name 'MESSENGER' should have given us a fore-idea of what the bag entails;Although bags,generally are used for carrying stuffs around,the same goes for the messenger bag,but unlike the previous post,in which the BRIEFCASE should strictly and only be carried on the ARM,the reverse goes for the messenger bag.Its clearly stated and commonly seen that the messenger bag is mostly carried on the shoulder for safety,omfortability and style.
  Above all the things mentioned above,there are few reasons why the messenger bag is a unique multipurpose bag.We can see that there are two adjectives embedded in the title of the post,namely: UNIQUE and MULTIPURPOSE.

  You may ask,WHY IS THE BAG UNIQUE; It is unique not for anything else,but the fact that it doesnt only exist in the leather version,rather it exists in two other versions,the CANVAS version and the NYLON version.



   Fine,we have cleared why the messenger bag is unique,so we now move on to why it is a MULTIPURPOSE BAG.Have you ever searched  for a fashionable,stylish,cool,durable and strong bag?.sure you will find many,but the MESSENGER BAG takes it distintion in multipurposity,cause it can be used to carry not just a particular item,rather it an carry and accomodate various items like laptop,books,papers,and snacks with so muh ease.

  Prove the multipurposity of a messenger bag by trying it out;Goodnews! you do not have to be coporate before you can carry a messenger bag,Casual looks are also a YES for MESSENGER BAGS.

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