Thursday, March 19, 2015


 The BRIEFCASE as raised quite a number of controversies in the fashion industry as to it considered either as a fashionable bag or a random/normal/secular bag,it doesnt end on that note,it also evolves around it either as a very old/ancient bag or a modern bag that's been carried most especially to work/office,court,etc.

   There are no surprises concerning this controversies,because they were all borne out of ignorance,and for this cause,I have decided to clear the air and give insight on what it means to define your Masculinity with a BRIEFCASE.

   The BRIEFCASE has broken out of the confines of it being tagged as a bag used by certain professionals(lawyers,bankers,etc.)/specific people,or been regarded as a bag only for the old folks,too heavy and old to be carried about,rather it has been rebranded not by look,but by orientation of the mind.,and that's the major reason it is now considered to be FASHIONABLE.

  You may ask,''how does it define your masculinity?'';It sure does,because from the look and origin,it has been structured,constructed and framed in such a way that it compliments your physique,balances your look,and puts that BOSSY feeling in you when you put on a BRIEF CASE.


  And for the DEFINITION of your MASCULINITY to be unique and different from others;here are few tips on how to go about it.
  The briefcase should:
   STRICTLY be worn on corporate outfits(say NO to casuals while carrying a BRIEFCASE,it depreciates the presence of the briefcase.)

  STRICTY be carried on either your left/right hand,not to be carried on the shoulder.

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